Crewel Embroidery Needles - Bohin
Crewel Embroidery Needles - Bohin
Crewel Embroidery Needles - Bohin
Crewel Embroidery Needles - Bohin
Crewel Embroidery Needles - Bohin
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Crewel Embroidery Needles - Bohin

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Beautiful Bohin French Embroidery Needles,

... also known and labelled as Crewel Embroidery Needles... used for 'most' of your beautiful embroidery needs... 

These beautiful needles come in a multi sized packet of Size 3 to 9. (These are my preferred sizes, and the most common sizes needed and used when doing your embroideries). 

They can be used with both Stranded cottons and my favourite Perle 8 embroidery threads too.

(Good for Perle 3,5,8,12 etc)... and stranded threads of course. 

These Needles are beautiful to use... and are my preferred choice for all of my lovely embroideries. 

A Size Guide-  * Like most items in the haberdashery system, the "sizing" is opposite to our normal counting system! 

However in the haberdashery system ( with needles,  threads etc) .... the smaller the 'size' it is called - the larger it actually is!!

(I know,  its backwards & confusing right!!!)

* Once you get your head around this it all makes sense!

We count 1,2,3...  (with 1 the smallest and 3 is larger etc).

 However...In the haby counting system it is opposite.  5,4,3,2,1 etc...(So Our large no 7 would actually be the ''smallest" sized needle in this instance... with number 1 being the biggest!!! (Biggest needle, thickest thread etc). 

Once you have this concept- wether it be with threads, needles etc... then the sizing all starts to make sense!

Basically, it's just opposite to our counting system.

**if you need help with this,  just contact me further for advice  :) ... or come and learn in one of our great classes that we have  :) 

So,  in this packet of needles- (Size 3 to 9)

Size No.3 Needle is the largest/ longest/ highest needle - positioned in the middle of the pack.

Size No.5 Needle is the next one down in size... positioned immediately to the outsides of the LARGEST No.3 Needle.  

Size No.7 Needle (again going down in size) is positioned to the next outside positions. 

***The size 7 needle is used for Perle 8 embroidery threads (which... is also generally  equivalent to three strands of embroidery thread)***

and when Stitching with 3 individual strands of embroidery thread in the Needle at the same time...


**The No.9 size Needle is the 'smallest' in this pack,  and is generally used for 2 strands of embroidery thread.**

It is normally positioned on the very 'outsides' of the needle formation... and in this instance would be the smallest needles in this multi sized packet. 


**You are always wanting to ensure you use the right size needle with the right sized threads,  so that you are only creating exactly the size hole that the needle and thread need to pass through the fabric correctly.

***Too big a needle... and you make too big a hole in the fabric you are embroidering on. 

***Too small a Needle... and you will NOT create a big enough hole for the thread to pass through. This will cause continual friction on the thread 'pulling through',  resulting in damage/fluffing to your thread, (and fabric), with over-tugging on your needle to get through- which strains/ stretches and throws out your embroideries tension too... and ultimately too much strain/ pulling on your thread WILL result in breakage!  Which is not good!   


If you've used your needle and you're no longer sure which needle it is, ...

Simply line them all up (back in the original packet) the sharp tips of the needles all meet along the bottom 'line'... (they will then form a 'triangle pyramid shape' at the top of the needles... so you can 'see' exactly which needle is which! 😊


No.3 is the largest needle in the pack

No. 5 = next one down (is the 2nd largest)

No. 7 is used for Perle 8 threads...

and for 3 strands of embroidery thread. 


No. 9 is used for 2 strands of embroidery thread. 

These Needles are beautiful to use.


Always thread your needle with the thread - as it comes off the reel. 

*the correct (thinner) front of the needle has a lovely 'glide' action on the"correct" side to load your thread into... so if all else fails and you're having trouble loading the thread in the needle... it usually means you are trying to load it into the wrong side of the needle...simply turn the needle around and load it from the other side!! This usually corrects the issue.

These beautiful French Bohin Needles have what is called a "gold eye"...

Gold eye needles are particularly good to use... as they have a larger/ more open (= easier to thread) eye....... and as explained before,... if you're having difficulty threading the needle, simply turn it around to the other side. ♡


**check out our embroidery section for LOTS to hopefully inspire and entice!! **  

Don't hesitate to make contact... or come for some lessons on how to master all the gorgeous embroidery stitches... and tag us on instagram @everythingcountry_ _ _ (3 underscores) so we get to see what you create with our patterns, threads and classes. 

#everythingcountry___ (3 underscores...)


 Happy Stitching Everyone x