Fine French Fabrics - 10 Fat Quarters Purples

Fine French Fabrics - 10 Fat Quarters Purples

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Purples, Grey's & Creams. 

A beautiful selection of Fine French Fabrics including beautiful Toiles, Florals and stripes.

Gorgeous tones of Purples, Lilacs, Greys & Creams... and the softest of neutrals too.

10 Fat Quarters in total, each measuring approximately 50cm x 55cm 

A gorgeous mixture of 100% Cottons and Chambrays...all sew together beautifully. 

That's 2.5 metres of beautifully curated fabrics already chosen and put together for you. All the hard work in choosing the 'exact right fabrics' is already done! 

Let the beautiful fabrics do all the work for you 🤍💜🤍

Please note that each of our Bundles may feature slightly different fabrics, however they will always be done to go together beautifully. All of the beautiful French Fabrics are designed by French Artist Bruno Lamy of ♡ Paris ♡ , France. 

(Accessories not included). 

Very limited quantities of our beautiful French Fabrics apply.